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Business Law | Mancinelli PC offers business law services for individuals, corporations and other entities on a wide range of matters such as start-ups, acquisitions, financing, leasing, employment issues and other contractual affairs.

Mancinelli PC would be pleased to assist you with your business law needs, which may include;

• Assistance with business structures

• Corporations, Partnerships, Joint ventures & Offshore Company formation

• Business Succession Plans

• By-laws and Corporate Governance Matters

• Commercial Leasing

• Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreements

• Consultancy and Employment Agreements

• Wills and estates (Powers of attorney for personal care and for property; Will drafting, Estate and tax planning; Transfer  and/or sale of assets)

• Financing Arrangements and Loan Transactions

• Incorporation and Charitable Registrations

• Licensing, Distribution and Marketing Agreements

• Research Agreements

• Shareholders Agreements

• Software and Internet Development Agreements

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Intellectual Property | What is Intellectual Property? → Click here for our IP Tutorial.

We provide practical advice and offer various types of intellectual property services with an emphasis on responsiveness and cost control when it comes to trade-marks, copyrights and other matters in Canada and elsewhere.

Mancinelli PC would be pleased to assist you with your IP, which may include;

• Clearances

• Copyright

• Domain Names

• Infringement Opinions

• IP Monitoring

• Trade-marks

• Trade-mark Renewals

• Technology and Internet-Transactions

• Trade-mark Opposition Board (TMOB) Matters

• Trademark Portfolio Management

• US and Canadian trade-mark filings

Please follow this link for information on our IP Commercialization & Technology Law services.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will examine the key ways that you might protect rights in your IP. 

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Healthcare Law  |  With legal and frontline medical management experience, Mancinelli PC can work with you to provide solutions involving regulatory, corporate, transactional, consent and capacity and governance matters dealing with regulated health professionals, clinics, industry providers, associations and other healthcare delivery organizations.

Please follow this link for information on our Healthcare Law services.

We offer strategic and policy advice on a wide range of health matters through SPINEgroup®, “S.P.I.N.E” being an acronym for “Strategy, Policy, Innovation, Network and Evidence”.

SPINEgroup® is a health consulting service affiliated with our firm. The approach used in consulting projects enables us to bring together roster professionals with significant skills and experience in healthcare planning, management, program and outcomes-based evaluation and clinical performance for healthcare organizations such as long-term care facilities, medical research institutes, associations, hospitals and community care organizations.

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Litigation  |  Our litigation practice covers a wide range of intellectual property issues, enforcement and related actions. Included in our practice are pre-litigation demand letters and settlements.

Mancinelli PC would be pleased to assist you with your IP, which may include;

• Arbitration and Mediation

• Assistance with U.S. litigation management

• Contract Disputes

• Commercial Disputes

• Demand Letters

• Intellectual Property Enforcement Matters

• License Agreements

• Regulatory Matters

• Shareholder Disputes

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